I am trying to figure out this harmonizing stuff. I dont know much about it. I know lots of Avenged Sevendfold songs has harmonizing stuff.

But how do you do it!!

Do you use a pedal? Or do you do "Pinch Harmonics"? Can someone plz explain to me how to do it and when should I use it! A LINK OR ANYTHING! Plz! I am very confused...

Thanks alot!
erm , harmonising means 2 or more instruments playing in harmony
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Prepare for some long answers

Basically though, harmonizing is a second instrument playing the same (or similiar) melodies with different notes in the same key.

For example: If you're playing C D E F G (to keep it simple), and we're in C major, I'll play E F G A B. So we're harmonizing in thirds.
try playing the same melody, but with diatonic (which means within the scale) 3rds, 5ths, 7ths, 9ths etc. or a combination.
It's quite simple really. It's one of the coolest and best sounding things you can do. But you need either to be two guitarists or record yourself and then play over it. But besides from that... when you play a powerchord, you feel theres a difference from playing just the root note. Well that's because you're playing the root note plus another note, the fifth, so basically you are already doing harmonies when you play a chord of any type, not just powerchords. So basically, harmonizing something means playing at the same time two series of note which share the same intervals but begin on different notes. But it's not just that. There are many ways to harmonize a melody and you'll learn them just by doing that in practice (you will fill that the harmony "fits" with the main melody) Of course you can't play two notes togheter when doing a lick or a solo, two hands would not be enough. So you can either double-track, recording yourself on a computer or something (and that's basically what a lot of guitarists do when in the studio, they record themselves twice, and that's what the guitarist of avenged sevenfold does i think, or even more... think about brian may), or play togheter with another guitarist... if you really want to get into harmonies though, I think you should listen to iron maiden. That's how I learned how to do them. A good song is the trooper, it's full of harmonies and they're easy to learn, look at the tabs for both guitarists (use powertabs of guitarpro). Many queen songs have lots of harmonized solos too (brian may is the best at doing that imo) but they're difficult to learn at the beginning. Sum 41 have some songs with harmonies. And the darkness.
Oh and, about the pedal, some pedals allow you to do harmonies when playing live or rehearsing without another guitarists, but sounds way too crap and mechanical... I heard some pedals like the ps-5 work fine but first you have to learn how harmonies really work before doing them with a pedal.