Now, my problem is simple and all I want is a simple solution to it. I've got a Boss Mt2 and a Fender FM 212R, which apparantly isn't as good of an amp I thought it would've been. Now, here's the deal: I hook up the Metal Zone straight into the amp, because thru the efect loop I won't get volume high enough. I Set it up: Lots of treble and bass, little of mid and lots of mid freq, full dist. Of course, this sounds good... that is when you play on low volume. When I turn it up to what I should play in band practice, the sound is crap. So please, give me hints on equalizing. There's got to be something I can do without havin to buy a new amp. So please, hints on how to equalize the pedal and the amp so that it has a good, or even a decent distortion when played LOUD.

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from the Alexi Laiho interview on the main page

Can you describe your guitar tone?

It?s the kind of guitar sound that, you know, if you?re like 16 and into heavy metal, you?re probably gonna hate it. It?s true, dude, because it?s the sort of sound when you?re playing with a low volume, it doesn?t really sound like anything. It?s nothing special. But when you crank it up like when I play live or in the studio, that?s when it really kicks in. It?s like all midrange, you know? That?s pretty much what it?s all about.

Is midrange, then, the key to the heavy metal guitar sound? Is that the tonality that tends to define the sound of this genre?

Well, I guess it?s a matter of taste but for me most of the metal bands and the guitar players sort of have like the smiley EQ ? there?s a bunch of low ends and a bunch of high ends and no midrange. And that?s the kind of sound that could sound really cool when you?re not crankin? it up. But when you crank it up, it really doesn?t speak out through the other f--kin? instruments. Whereas a midrange kind of sound, as soon as you start playing a solo, it speaks out more.

No mids works for Metallica rythm parts but thats about it
Mid Freq isn't something you have a lot or a little of, it's WHERE THE MIDS ARE IN THE SPECTRUM. Put that knob back in the 12 o'clock position, you're cutting your highs right now.