i really dont even know if this is in rioght place, but who cares, postin it anyways.

i recently got a violin Bow for my guitar, and i was wondering.

Has anybody ever seen Jimmy Page play live onstage with one? if so, ya know how he its the strings with the bow, and then it echoes? well how do i get that echo? if you have no idea what i mean, thnx for atleast reading.
does it matter if i play guitar? yes.
He's got a tape delay unit thats doing the echos (in these modern times take the delay pedal of your choice....)

As for the violin bow: I believe you need rosin so the bow has enough friction to make the guitar strings vibrate
plus, page's bow guitar had a custom bridge so he could get each of the strings, not just the E's
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Some good information about that in here (including using a cambered bridge) :


I've tried it on an SG, and I think the cambered bridge obviously makes a big difference (On a 'straight' bridge it's tricky to bow anything but the top and bottom E strings)

And yes, I've actually seen him do it (With "The Firm" though, not with Zeppelin, ah well...

It is a cello bow Page used, but you can still do it with a violin bow, it's just somewhat shorter, and if like Page you hang the guitar around your knees, a longer bow would be better.