Alright I'm sanding my guitar and I have all the hardware off but there are some pieces that I can't figure out how to remove. They are the part that the screws for the bridge in saddle go in. Is it possble to remove them?
I think you mean the metal parts that are "inlaid" into the body for the bridge/tail to screw into?

You'll have a very hard time getting those out without risking damaging the surrounding wood, since they're pretty tightly tapped in there.

If you must get them out, I'd have a pro do it, but really, I don't see why you'd need to remove them. Just make sure you cover them when re-spraying the guitar (A little bit of something like blu-tack is good for covering them so you don't get lacquer into the threads)

Yeah that's what I'm talking about, It's just really difficult to sand around them.