You don?t bother me
I won?t bother you
Those are words we live by
But that policy
Is being abused
As we cross the line

Nothing is free
And we have to choose
We?ve gotten this far by luck
I can?t believe
We?re starting to lose
We sit back and self destruct

Break it off
Snuff it out
Play the God role
Tear it up
An innocent soul
Stop this
It?s out of control
We?ve compromised
With life

Our minds
Are contaminated
But we all hold life in some esteem
And yet all the time
Life?s violated
We look away and think about other things

Oppress the weak
Impress the strong
We?ve no conscience
We?re starting to fall
Depress the mind
Express the what?s within
Black from the soot
Of excess sin
i love the last verse, it flows very well. As for the rest of it, im really not that fond of it, but good job nevertheless