I never come to this forum so forgive me if you guys get alot of these threads.

I was wondering how to incorporate scales into soloing. Like how to move a Box patter or how to create patterns like i dont understand the general idea.

Also im looking for some scales that sound extremely dark and gothic evil kinda sound

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good question, im a starting guitarist and i know my scales so if anyone would help me learn a solo from scales or such yea
well you don't really have to stick to box shapes, you can go into lead patterns ( go to google) well anyway but you can check out some minor pentatonic for dark and gothic solos.
I know the minor pentatonic i was wondering if anything else is good
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Well one of the scales I learned was the Natural Minor, great scale for soloing on if you know the 3 octaves of it up the neck. I prefer that scale for when i play music because it has the sound that they use in metal like trivium and avenged sevenfold. But, yea learn the Natural Minor Extended (all three octaves of it)

The link to it is on the bottom, it has some good scales on it. Also search internet for extended scales that go up like 3 octaves, easier to remember instead of box patterns. Also easy to manuever up the neck.

Natural Minor Scale and others
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I'm no expert either, but I'm starting to get into those stuff. I learnt that there are 5 different shapes for the same scale all over the fret board, if you could memorize those shapes, you can solo much easier. Right now I just need to memorize where those shapes begin.
Well, I haven't read much into scales.

But what I've heard is that you just mix up the notes in the scales. They're all in the same scale, so for the most part, they'd fit together nicely in whatever order you choose.
^ thats what i thought i was just making sure
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