Poll: Have you ever owned a go kart?
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6 18%
22 67%
Why the hell would I want to do something dumb like that?
5 15%
Voters: 33.
Several friends and I are building a go kart with a tube chassis and a 125cc dirt bike engine in Auto Tech and during college in Ohio. While my expeditions perusing sites for ideas on frame geometry and random specs to help our cause have come up somewhat fruitless, I got to thinking.

"I wonder how many people do/have played around with go karts?..." (I mean that as a serious hobby, not just going to a funpark of some kind and racing theirs.)

So be it with a shifter, drag, or a regular suspension/suspensionless kart, feel free to leave tales of fun times, or bash me for being half retarded. It's your call.
I have an offroad gokart i call "GA" (Go anywhere) it has 6 inches of travel at the back with coils, 4 in the front with shocks. 150cc honda 2 stroke engine. I helped my uncle build it.
~~One Off Custom Strat~~
- 3 piece alder body
- Maple on rosewood 21 fret neck
- '82 Fender pickups

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- 1JZ-GTE (TT, front mount intercooler, 15~psi)
- Tuned on 93 octane
- HKS 3" exhaust
I race in Rotax Max senior, i have the following karts: ZIP/HONDACR250 Intrepid/125Rotax, TABOUR/125Rotax, TKM/100YAMAHA. Iv'e been kartin for 3 years and hoping to get sponsorship very soon. Formula A maybe in 2 years, Formula 1 probably never lol
ATVs and 4x4s, FTW. I wanted a go kart when I was younger, though.
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