I recently bought a Fender Jazz Bass 24, about... 3 months ago. For the past few days the E string has been buzzing a lot, but it's not coming from the fret. It almost sounds like its coming from the tuning peg. I tried restringing it, adjusting the action, but nothing seems to work. What really makes me angry is it only starts buzzing when I tune it right on/close to E. Any idea what this could be?
There's a couple winds, looks solid to me. It's worked perfectly (with the same strings) for the last few months, just started buzzing when I got it back after having the electronics fixed up.
i have the same problem with my ATK, but it isn't constantly happening, just when i play it hard, but try drop d if it only happens when right on.
The same thing happens with my guitars when I play hard. I don't know what's wrong with it and I use light picks so it's not buzzing from the heavyness of the picks.
It started off buzzing only when I played the string hard, now its constantly going. I would do Drop D, but I do a lot of slap and playing octaves on Drop D isnt very fun.
it might also be something like the nut is loose.

and downstep tuning would eliminate octave problems.
Im starting to suspect the nut, beginning to sound like that could be the problem. I could try some new strings first though I guess.
The octaves with Drop D are weird for me because I'm used to the whole index-pinky thing.