i've kinda hit a stagnant spot in my learning process, guitar wise.
i've been playing for about 4 months, and i've learned to play all the way up to the skill level of things like The Fall of Troy, but i really want to learn something else to help diversify what i play. could someone please give me some ideas?
after four months you can play fot? I've been playing for more than twice that and can't seem to master any of that stuff... if you really can kudos to you. Um.. I would suggust learning some scales (minor pentatonic etc.) and work on your technique (economy picking, pinch harmonics) work on techniques that fit your style... post hardcore?
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yeah. i play post hardcore, and the only reason i'm this far along is because i literally never put my guitar down. i always walk around the house with it, just playing stuff.
but thanks for the suggestions. i'll try it out, and if anybody else has some ideas for me, let me know.
You should step up what you play learn metallica different kindsa of metal
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not to sound like a tool or anything, but I feel like post hardcore, and just about every other "core" has pretty much been done to death. if you wanna diversify... do like ouchies suggested and play some different stuff.

I'd also reccomend you start learning a little theory. There's a LOT to learn... might as well get started now.
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yo austin

well i think u should be like me, learn more metal

its funner to play
metal is fun to play (its my main staple) but i'm with the other guys, learn some stuff you like but wouldn't normally play, i recommend this to anyone playing guitar, if yer a blues person try metal, if you're a classical person try blues..... anything different will help you