Okay, me and a couple friends of mine started a band a couple months ago. The thing is, our drummer is a real beginner who can only do simple beats. This is not a major problem however, because our music is centered on guitar and lyrics. The drummer is there just to keep rhythm for us, so the beginner is good in the way that we can tell him what we need him to do (i.e. boss him around).

However, our bassist knows a drummer that is about 50 times better than the one we have. The only problem is I have a feeling a better drummer might be harder to work with, though he could improve our music.

So, my question is, which one should I go with? Is it true that it would be harder to work with the better drummer.

And btw..I'd have no problem kicking our current drummer out of the band, cuz he's kind of a dick sometimes. So don't take that into consideration.
well, work with your drummer, maybe do a practice or two with the other drummer just to see if he really is any good? you know? telling someone you're good and actually being good are often two completely different things. if the new drummer is infact better go ahead. But if he's a little better, work on covers with your current drummer, have him play the beats exactly, not intense songs, just go for stuff that sound pretty easy on drums, then go a little more difficult and so on, that will help him go from begginer drummer to intermediate and still be able to play with the band while he learns.
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ya jam with the good drummer if you guys click and he is cool and good fits the style kick the old drummer hire the new guy
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