I started a band a while ago and come summer we are gonna start practicing. i am so pumped!! (sorry if that sounds stupid) I can't wait. ANY tips??

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Yeah, it should be primarily for fun. If you're just messing around and playing covers and stuff, then I don't really think that there's too much to worry about.

However, if you want to make songs and be serious, then it will probably be a little harder. My bandmates and I clash a lot about different things. You'll have to learn to compromise.

Also, stay focused. It can be frustrating to go to practice and mess around and get nothing done. Make sure everyone pays attention when you're working on material.

Lastly, make sure that after practice, everything is cool between your bandmates. Usually, any conflicts you will have during practice won't be personal, so if they aren't, then don't make a big deal out of them.