Ok so i have been playing guitar for about 1 and 1 half maybe 2 years and i am getting pretty good. I have been wanting to do this for along time now, I want to start a band. Well me and some friends got together and are now making music and i need to know what would be a cheap amp that i could use for a gig because as of now we have about 8 practice amps all hooked together and its not something i want to play on for a while. I play metal and i need a good distortion sound. So if you wouldnt mind giving me suggestions on what kind of amp i should consider buying to play on and be able to use for a gig. Thank you.
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[edit] to be more specific here. what bands do you like? how much do you have to spend? whats your current living situation (live with parents, apartments, small neightborhood, pissy neighbors..etc.)?

everyone will still probly say a Roland Cube though.
Look into a Roland cube 30/60. If it isn't loud enough for your gigs, mic it to a pa.
well i like music like every time i die if youve heard of them and lamb of god and just hard metal and im trying to figure out what kind of amp i should buy for shows i still live at home im 17 and i will have a job soon so not real expensive so affordable. so maybe like a stack or half stack or a cab.
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so maybe like a stack or half stack or a cab.

well..the cheapest stack worth getting for your musical tastes would be around...oh idk. abour 3500$. halfstack would be like 2000$.

Cube60 for gigging and value.