Ok, My b day is sooon and im gettin a new guitar, but i dont know which one!

I was going to get an Ibanez with EMGs but i dont like the flatness on the back of the Ibanezs' necks

I'm thinking about a Mocking bird but i dont like the hollowness bc it slides down when i stand up...

I play metal mostly
and im trying to keep the budget below 270

so any ideas?

Oh, that's to bad your price limit is only 270. Cuz for about 350 you can get a really nice Epiphone Vintage G400 SG that plays metal pretty good thru a Roland cube 30 amp. You can at least check it out.
Possibly a les paul shape? I think Agile might be the way to go.

EDIT: I think this guitar would suit your needs. It's a little over your budget, but you can probably save a little on top of your birthday money. If you change tunings alot, do not get a floyd rose trem. try this guitar.
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