ok my friend wants to sell me his crate gx2200 head, with a foot switch and a digitech rp50 effects processor, and some old beat up cab with 4x12, i think its called warrior, or legion or something....all this for $250, or the head alone for $180...i tred it out today and works fine....or should i get a behringer v-ampire lx1200h head for $180 new......the crate head is 220watts and the behringer head is 120 watts....what should i get?
With my experience from Crate I will never use another one. It might be b/c I had a cheaper amp (xt120r), a two 12s, 120 watt, solid state combo. The head you are talking about costs a little over $1000. It may be higher quality.
My friend has a behringer combo. I don't know the name but it has built in effects and two 12s. I rather my crate more than his.
I also had a Digitech rp300a, i didn't really like it. I have never played a digitech since and have no intensions of using another multi-effect pedal.

If you like the way it sounds get. I may be a little biased b/c i like tube amps and single effect pedals.
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dude, TS...youre going down the road that so many kids go down when they start playing: you want the biggest gear you can find for as cheap as you can find it, regardless of how it sounds.

big things can lie in small packages.

go with a tube combo.
alright i bought my friends gx2200 head and his cab and he gave me a digitechrp100...the head is awesome im sooo glad i got it....the cab is beat up but its loud as F***, the rp100 is pretty bad @ss too
Good job taking kobaigns advice.

Should have thought about why he wanted to sell it. because it's "bad ass?" Hardly. The crate won't do you any good, and anything digitech sells is usually crap(leave say the whammy). You've fallen ploy to the beginners pathway, big, loud, and crap tone, as kobaign mentioned beforehand. If you can, try to get your money back. Beat up your friend if you can't, and take his money. Give him the stuff back, too. Then look into a good tube combo, maybe a traynor. If you're stuck with it, don't fret, if it sounds good to your ears then you'll be fine. But in the future, be open to the advice and suggestions of the board, minus the vox and roland cube stuff.
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well im not even gonna use the digitech for my band, its jsut gonna be personal at home use for fun.... the reason my friend sold it is because he got a spider II HD and a 4x12 cab and he uses a pod 6 so he didnt want his other stuff anymore.....i was open to his opinion which is why i was thinking about buying the crate for about 3 weeks now...i was looking into tube combos, but $250 wouldnt do me anygood.....thats why i just got the whole set up instead....but yea it sounds good to me....i will upgrade in the future when i get a job
^ yeah as long as you bought the Crate setup only because of financial reasons...then hey, what can ya do ya know? something is better then nothing right?

but it would be wise in the future when your cash allows to get a nice amp. something that will last you for a long time.