So everyone here is obsessed with tube amps, but noone ever says anything good about solid state. There are a lot of good solid state amps out there, what are the favorites here on UG. My personal favorite is the Roland Blues Cube 60. It's got a Fender-y sounding clean channel, and a Marshall JCM 800 sounding lead channel, and they both sound amazing. My other favorite is the Roland Jazz Chorus.
i actually like the line 6
just not for anything other than bedroom practice
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Hughes and Kettner Edition Blue 30.

the only SS amp that i actually sort of like.

YAY!! Go Edition Blue 30. It was my second amp and I still have it. It is pretty good beginner solid state amp. I like the cube 60 better though.
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Concerning the Roland Cube 60.... If I were to plug it into a cabinet would it make it louder?
My first and only amp is a Fender Princeton 650... and it kinda grew on me. It's actually better than I used to think it was.

I also like some Peaveys. Like the Audition 110.

But tubes sound SO much better.
^ Princetons are alright, especially for the price.

I love the cleans on a JC120. And some of the Felxtones are pretty good too.
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i enjoy playing with my old peavey bandit 112 combo... its clean is good but the distortion is ... i dont go anywhere near that crap distortion, because it just makes my ears bleed everytime i hear it! but if i put a dist. pedal through it, (which i hate using OD pedals) it sounds ok for a bedroom amp...
It's uncool to like SS amps on this forum

Hughes and Kettner (any of their stuff)
Randall (Any of their stuff)
Line 6 Flextones and above
Orange Crush series
^ Yea, the Crush have good cleans. The overdrive is pretty brash though. Atleast ont he smaller ones.
"You can practice to attain knowledge, but you can't practice to attain wisdom." - Herbie Hancock
Cube 60, go!
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Flextones are my favourite SS amps.
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