if i download a file off of limewire and it turns out its a virus... but i haven't opened it. then i scan the file and it sais its a virus so i delete it... wil the virus have affected my computer? or does it only affect your computer if you open the file?
shouldn't affect your computer if you didnt open it
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If it just says file corrupted then it's perfectly fine. I've never actually fully downloaded a virus though.
Next time just don't use Limewire. I got tons of crap from it (luckily my anti-virus and anti-spyware blocked them)
use torrents, theyre a tonne better (less viruses, better quality, and you can download groups at a time)

i use BitComet 0.70 and use IsoHunt to search for torrents, google them and its pretty straight forward
Oh and, if you got rid of the virus without clicking it, you're fine. Even if you would have activated it, got it detected and removed by a program that protects your computer, you would have been fine too.
i had a friend who went into a career in computer repair or management or something like that and i asked him about it. he told me that the MP3s on limewire are safe and so are most of the video files, but don't download anything that has: (sponsored result), asx, :not related to:, MOV, or anything that looks wrong for some reason. the WAV files are fine, but it is pointless to download them because you need to acquire a license and they can only be given to the first 5 people or something. and most importantly, if you are going to download a program only ever get .zip files, because they are locked until you open them.

last thing - NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DOWNLOAD A .EXE FILE! executables are what gives your comp a virus and while sometimes they can be useful, i wouldn't trust them off limewire.

i think that is about it, all up limewire is pretty good, better than kazar or imesh so just follow those instructions and you will be fine. my computer has top notch virus software and as long as i'm doing as i have said up there i have never had a problem.
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