Is it possible to create a footswitch that switches between the 2 channels of JC Clean and Lead Channel?

Only 1 spec, I don't want it to have that button sticking out

So it's nothing like this

but SOMETHING (this is not a footswitch, but an example of how I want the footswitch to be like without the knobs etc)

So as you can see, I want the footswitch's mechanism of stomping onto like the latter.

So how much will it cost? I might make one out of wood, with no chips in it, I found a website, and I want to build something like that


Passive A/B Footswitch
^Thats not the type of switcher you need...it won't change the channel.

I think its a tip ring, tip sleeve type switcher...plug in a stereo calbe to your footswitch jack and try jumpering some stuff.
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With a cube you need a mommentry switch, a mono jack and some instrument cable.