Hey yall, im looking to buy an acoustic/electric guitar under 600. Mostly around the 400's though im looking at ovation,seagull,alvarez,washburn, and takamine out of those witch ones would be the best to buy? If there is any other ones besides those please give me some sugestions. rock out!
I like those ovation because thier feel is closer to an electrics
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depends what you wanna play I guess... my friend has some standard ibanez for $600 I have an Epiphone Les Paul 100 i got for $420 and it works great for metal at least thats what i usually play
I have to recommendations, one with the electronics, and one without:

My first recommendation (more what you are really looking for I guess):


The AJ60S is an awesome guitar...its the first Alvarez I ever played! Good action, wonderful bright tone from the maple. Alvarez electronics are pretty good too.

My real recommendation:


The MD80 is an ALL SOLID WOOD guitar. It sound amazing, and while its $30 more then what you were looking to spend, it would be well worth the extra cash to have the all solid wood. My guitar is the next step up with all solid indian rosewood instead of solid mahogany.

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Ever consider used?

You might try out some guitars that cost a whole lot more (ie Martin) but might be owned by a drug addict or someone who is getting evicted or...whatever. For whatever reason there might be a $1500 guitar on sale for $300 because of..whatever. So buy it.
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With this guitar i will be playing for my church so some christian songs but my real intrest is in country songs and some rock just to have fun with!
Go with the first alvarez I showed you...its a big jumbo-style guitar, perfect for what your describing.

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You can get a Taylor 110 for a little under $600 I believe.
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Taylors are very good if you spend more in the $1000 range. I think that other brands have more value in your price range.

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