I deleted my other thread which only got one repli so i could make this one, hope that is allowed. I just wrote this song, please crit.

Thinkin about you again

intro:Sittin' alone on friday night
I'm missin' you, you aint got a clue
You have no idea, my feelings for you

Chorus: You are on my mind
I'm thinkin bout you again
i don't just want to be friends
I want this to work between us
but how can it work, if you don't know how i feel for you

Verse: Maybe i am too young to feel something like this
But i know what love is
Love is you and me
but love has a price, it aint free

Verse: Why cant i stop thinkin about you
why does it always have to be this way
why can't you get a clue?

(Reapeat chorus)
(guitar solo)

Outro: I am thinkin bout you again
girl lets be more then friends
I'm thinkin bout you again
lets be more then friends

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When I see the lyrics to this song I think of a more boy band feel. It's very cleched (spelling?) and just sin't that creative.

did you know the major scale on a piano, starting at whatever note (lets say E). you just go straight up the white keys without hitting a black one. and you got the major scale.