OK keep in mind I am a bassist and know NOTHING about guitar models.

Anyway, I'm seeking to buy a guitar very similar to the one Steve Howe uses (one of those gigantic jazz hollowbodies), but most of the ones I've seen are no less than $1000. Do you guys know of any for less than $600?
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My friend has one of those Ibanez Artcores. I'm not a big fan of it, it's not what I'm looking for. Think more towards the George Benson model by Ibanez, or those big Gretsch (sp?) hollowbodies.
I believe Ibanez and Washburn both have Hollowbody guitars for well under $600.

EDIT: The Washburn Hollowbodies I've seen look similar to Gretsch Hollowbodies. Check them out.
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You are in luck my friend, why just this year epiphone came out with their version of the ES 175, which is similar to the Steve Howe model, and in your price range

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