Well, hey there. I'm new to this forum, but looks cool here. I offer a couple of clips...

Tonebone kicks ass! hahah Anyways, i was just trying to get some "tone" happening, so I figured tonebone>PC50 Oughtta be a good start (I was playing today, and was really into the sound...)
Anyways, I still really need to work with mic placement, and all that good stuff, but please check out these 2 humble clips... Drums by "Drums On Demand" (Yes, I've given up programming my own drums for the time being...) Anyways, anyone looking for a new pedal that will bring your amp to life should get a tonebone... http://www.radialeng.com

heh it all started when I was jamming with the PODxt into my mac, and I was just HATING playing guitar (It's a great piece of gear, but nothing compares to playing through an amp...). Anyways, lucky I got out the amp and had some real (noisy) fun! The Boss GT8 sounds good through the PC30 as well, I'll experiment micing that this weekend too...