Heres my problem:

Some days when I play guitar I play so good that I feel that I can take on anyone. I feel as if Joe Satchs got nothing on me. The there are some days in which I play like a total piece of **** and I feel that even Kurt Cobain can beat me in a guitar duel. This might be one of those days and I feel as if the bad days are coming more and more. I have this progression which is in A dorian, 120 bpm and when I play it sounds like ****. I practice all of the licks I know wth a metronome slowly at first, then fast. then when I go to put it on the solo, it sucks. i **** up completely. Now, some of you may say to play over a blues progression. Tried it. Sounds like atotal piece of ****. I mean how does Michael S and Joe Satch and all of the other greats do it? I mean, Ive read every article on phrasing, I practice like crazy and it still sucks. I put so much time and effort in to playing guitar but it sound like ****. SOMEONE, ANYONE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!WHAT DO I DO???

Thanks in advanced
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Perhaps you're pushing yourself too hard and getting lucky once in a while?

It's complete speculation, but I've heard this same story a thousand times from my students.

How can i make that better?
"How can i make that better?" <----- By having a little bit of patience! Those guys you mentioned have been playing for a lifetime, thats part of the reason they are so good. If you really dont' think thats the problem maybe seek a really good teacher out in your area. Good luck
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You feel good, you play good. It's an old army saying for when they had their bands performing. That's why they got the musicians to take such a pride in their appearance. You dress good, you feel good and you have insane confidence.

If anything you need to just practice it and remind yourself that you can play really well - it's psychological. Why do you think that rockstars walk about like they own the Earth? Half the time it's because they need to feel that they can fill this enormous role. The other half it's just cause they're dicks.
when you practice, play along to music rather than to a metronome. Before I get flamed for saying this, I'm only suggesting it for you because of the problems you're having. Ditch the metronome for a while and see how you go.

It's a whole new world playing along to music and creating as you go compared to rehearsing pre-packaged licks to a metronome.
ban rap: I wouldn't say ditch the metronome, but he/she could try what you suggested a few times. Its not like you can only do one or the other I think you kind of said this in your post but not really.

I enjoy playing along with or jamming with music and find that its good for timing and stuff.
To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
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