Alright, I probobly wouldn't be writing this thread if I wasn't so frustrated I could almost tear my hair out. Okay heres a bit of a backstory, I am a guitarist who switched over from bass a year ago who is starting a blues/rock band. I could NOT find a bass player anywhere in my town who was not already in a band. So I decided to have my friend (who's a guitarist) use my old bass rig for the band. So everything is fine and good and we've been going at this for like a month now practicing and all that fun stuff and getting pretty good. Now we need a singer, well can't find that so I guess I have to sing and were gonna be a power trio. Next we need a drummer. THERE ARE NO AVAILABLE DRUMMERS IN MY TOWN OF 150,000 PEOPLE! I'll say one thing, drummers are damn good hiders. Been checking newspapers, local music stores, venues and **** and there is no one advertising who is still in high school. Checked all over my school of 3,000 people, still no one. SO PLEASE any suggestions on finding a drummer I mean ANY. Oh, thanks for putting up with my rant.
go to local shows there's usually a lot of musicians there
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if you cant find any one at all convince a friend to start learning to play the drums. thats how i started to play the guitar my friend convinced me. it might take a while for them to get good but its better thatn not having a drummer at all
Are you in a school bad (instrumental) too? if you are or know some people in one, then grab one of the marching band percussionists. Anyone half-decent will do able to lay down at least a basic drum part.
You go to school?

Ask the music teachers if anyone plays drums.
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Why do they still have to be in high school? Trust me, there are drummers available, you are just being picky. I consider my area the tri-county since I'm from Eastern Shore Maryland and it's rural. Maybe 90,000 people in the tri-county and plenty of musicians. The problem is.. the definition of musician should be defined. I've found that the more advanced and serious you get, the less it easy it is to find people. My band is also looking for a drummer and we turned down a long time friend because we know he's not right for the band. Why accept mediocority? But if you are just playing for fun, that shouldn't matter. Also ask drummers that are already in bands, some will be wiling to play with a 2nd group.
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