In the future, when I get better, I was planning to get a Gibson Les Paul. Ie also just started researching PRS guitars. I play alot of metal, blues, funk and classic rock. Players that I admire are Steve Morse, Michael S, Randy Rhoads and Van Halen among many others. I have a price range of 2500- 3000. Which would be my best choice?
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Gibson les paul custom, suits all those styles of music
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And so does a PRS Custom 24. So... He just has to get the money together and go try them out.
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you need to play them. a prs sounds alot different than a les paul, even though construction is similar. their pickups have more of a unique sound. i preffer prs. the necks on them are alot more comforable than a les paul
I'd say look more into Jackson, ESP, and Ibanez guitars, since Randy and Eddie both primarily used non-mahogany guitars, and I think Steve Morse's new one is basswood.
randy used a les paul custom, but really there both amazing companies, go out and play them all before you make your decision.
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A custom guitar is probably your best bet.

Other than looking amazing, all of the expensive PRS guitars that I've played are just ho-hum (of course, they were all at Guitar Center...).

PRS have better quality control than Gibson, in my semi-educated opinion, and they look loads better.
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PRS have better quality control than Gibson, in my semi-educated opinion, and they look loads better.

its all relative...none of them are handmade anymore...just play a bunch of them and see which one you like best...and even if you get one that doesn't play great...take it to a luthier and he can probably fix it for a couple of extra bucks. simple stuff like sanding the frets, straightning the neck etc.