We're a newly-formed garage band of 3 months or so, 3 almost 14-year olds and 1 15-year old, have no band name yet, have different favorite bands: AC/DC, LedZep, Hendrix, Doors, Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, etc.

The drummer's mom is a caterer and she asked if we were comfortable enough to play at a Bar Mitzbah (sp?) for this guy who's into Velvet Revolver and GnR. So we only know bits and pieces and we have a little over a month to learn stuff. We're all fearless and such attention w hores so we said yes

Now we're a bit nervous because the only decent stuff we can play together in time and in tune are AC/DC, some LedZep, etc. in short, the bands mentioned above but not what the celebrant specified. He's seen us play so I suppose he liked us. Other than learning as much as possible the popular GnR and VR pieces, any advices or suggestions?

I assume it's OK to play those songs other than what he likes? Any pieces for slow dances that are easy to learn quickly and sound really cool? How long should we play since there will be DJs?

Our only "gigging" experiences have been school programs and the occasional parties (not with the same members). Either we were decent or the crowd didn't know any better because it looked like we rocked.

We don't want to completely screw this up. We already know it'll be a challenge since nobody has told us anything. All suggestions to minimize potential screw-ups are appreciated. Thanks.
1 - find out how much time you'll get to play

2 - come up with a set list

3 - practice the **** out of those songs to the point where your comfortable playing them

4 - don't worry, what's the worst that could happen you totally screw up and look like a bunch of amateurs...........who cares.
yeh just relax. and make sure you nail the first song: first impression matters.

me and me band were playing at our school and we were nervous as ****...and our first song was Losfer Words (iron maiden). we pulled it off well, and everyone seemed to like us. From then on it was the best **** ever.
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I imagine the people will be wearing monkey suits, is the band exempt from this or should we do as the other monkeys and wear suits?

I'm making a list right now and will keep updating it so we can minimize some of the potential disasters. Keep those suggestions coming. Thanks.
No monkey suits!!
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Just get a setlist and practice really. Also try to get anyone you can to watch you playing the new songs before then.

And have fun when you're performing.
if you peform for a gnr of vr guy... dont play that... play the exact opposite abnd (whats the opposing band for gnr?)
haha well if you werent fourteen and a fifteen year old id say have a brew or two before the show. but instead ill say, just have fun and try to sound recognizable, dont even go for good. if a crowd KNOWS what your playing and you look like your having fun, they like it more than sweating your balls off to make something sound decent
I would recommend the monkey suits. If you dress professionally people will be more likely to treat you as professionals.

As for the DJ, don't worry about him when you make your set list. Make it as long as you're comfortable with, then when you get there, tell the DJ how long you can play and work out when the DJ will play and when you will play. The DJ won't have to worry, they've got as much music as they need.

However, if the DJ plays first, give him your set list. You don't want him to play one of your songs.

One or two slow dances would be good, but a DJ can handle that. Maybe Fall to Pieces by Velvet Revolver? My band does stuff like Wonderful Tonight but I don't know whether you guys are into that.

Finally, maybe include a little danceable rock. There will be people who will want to dance. I like the Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang, but that might not be appropriate.
Very useful suggestions! Set list, that is new for me and sounds like common sense after reading it. We'll definitely bring decent coats/jackets for the first impression. Also, we're getting paid so we'll definitely have fun ... just a bit concerned that our spastic lead will be jumping around more than usual. Thanks guys!
Wear something that doesn't restrict your playing but looks nice. Maybe nice pants and a dress shirt with the top couple buttons undone.

Also post in the right forum next time *moved*