I was recently thinking of buying a Les Paul style guitarsfor around $400, but when I went to a music store and compared the mid- to high-price range Epiphones to this Fender guitar, I've pretty much changed gears. It's actually $600 at the store, but I prefer the tones it can produce even to the $1000 Epiphone Les Pauls (Probably due to the Duncan pickups).

I play mostly classic and regular rock, and tend to play my songs clean, but I was looking for a guitar versatile enough to be able to play the clean stuff and still allow me to experiment with gain. So, is this Fender a good deal for $600? If not, are there any other similar sounding guitars you guys could recommend?
Looks good to me it's got humbuckers which should be decent for high gain.
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?