Aria guitars are EXTREMELY nice for the price. They make a 400-500$ archtop that I like better than some 2000$ gibson archtops, same sound same quality same playability... they just don't have a great name so sell items for high prices - they have been raising though so get what you can while it's cheap
are arias actually decent? i have one, and i don't really like it... i'm going for a schecter soon.

I played on my friend's aria accustic. it's quite alright, nothing special.
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An Aria STG-003 starterpack is what I started out with, while the amp was absolute crud, the guitar was actually really decent. A bit on the heavy side, but with a pickup change it actually became a good guitar. The fretboard was a little less than smooth though, but this may be due to I never cleaned it.

Oh, don't get that starter pack, the strap blows, the amp blows (literally, my condensators blew up). But all in all I'd recommend an Aria STG to any starter. If you can work your way around this guitar, you'll learn to appreciate the finer models a whole lot more once your ready.
I have the same guitar and amp, not satisfied. Sure I want to get serious so I bought a new Epiphone Gothic SG it friggen pwns. But I want to fix up my Aria STG 003 Series so what pickups should I buy for it?