Getting older, getting slower,
Living to the last,
Getting older, getting nowhere,
Life is one big 'past'.

Getting older, getting broken,
The only remaining Aunt,
Getting older, getting outspoken,
Wearing rubber underpants.

Getting older, getting weaker,
10 Degrees is hot,
Getting older, life is bleaker,
I've already began to rot.

Getting older, losing control,
Smelling rather funky,
And is it just me who thinks,
That your all getting 'punky' (Dumb Ass Kids)

I WILL Write the Music To This one day
Lol interesting.
And finally something that connects with the title.
I especially like the "rubber underpants" line.
Very nice, haha.
Go and write that music!
I'd love to hear this performed, hehe.
I think this just might capture the essence of growing older.
And whooooamygod there's actually a good rhyme scheme here.
(So many seem to have such forced rhymes, however yours are actually sensical. Good job.)
Again, very nice. (/heh)
Crit mine?

dude that's awesome, thats funny, thats good even my grandpaw thought it was good so thats a plus if i had three thumbs id put em up for cool, comedy, and damn right good.

check out my song its called "Happy House"
I just lost 20 IQ points after reading that. That puts me in the negatives.

lol. That would be a good sig for someone.
Thank you all three of you, I'm glad you enjoyed it (Well I'm not sure RWCMachoMan is inferring, but I will assume he likes it haha)

I will crit back now