A sweet little trippy song I wrote. A la Pink Floyd and Incubus.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Suggestions? (yes, I know I said that twice)
Taking a Trip.zip
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I liked the intro, thought it was pretty cool. But the verse, chorus etc..the same chords played the same speed for most of the song. It got really, really irritating. The breakdown and outro I liked a lot also. But this needs much more variation. Those 16ths repeated for almost all of the song got really, really annoying, they ruin what has potential to be a good song. Sort those out and build on the intro, breakdown and outro and it'll be ok. At the minute it's too reptitive and those chords aah sorry
I liked this song a lot. Kinda repetitive as aaroni said, but unlike aaroni, i think those chords sort of evened out the repetitive ness. I loved that chord progression. The solo was top notch. But that last note, it just played, and then the song ended. The chord didn't resolve. In order to give u some optional chords i played around with your song ending, and found you should end with an E chord, or just plain old open E on the 6th string. So, play around with it, and do whatever u like, but thats just IMO what it should end with.

Thx for criting my song.
I thought it was a nice chord progression too but it was way too repetitive for me. Even change the speed of it of it a bit. It's all 16ths at the min.
The intro was great, good use of 'let ring'. Kinda repetitive, but playing the top two strings open on the barre chords was a nice touch, gave it a bigger overall sound.

Tool are awesome

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Okay, I've made some changes to the rhythm and stuff like that to make it at least a little less annoying. I also added a bass part, an outro solo and a fade out. That kind of eliminates the problem of not resolving (it's supposed to be in B mixolydian, which is why it's got four sharps, but I never touch an E chord, which is also why it doesn't seem to resolve)

EDIT: There's also a MIDI file in there for anyone who doesn't have PowerTab.
Taking a Trip.zip
The Break Down was Kool And i liked Most of it...But measure 6 i didn?t like how low it got it just didn?t seem to fit...Kool solo The outro was Nice it just seemed to end a little to abruptly
There was something wrong with the mid-section of measure 9. Just a chord out of place or something... I got the Incubus feel, but couldn't see any Pink influence in the song... I'd suggest doing something with the chords rather than just hammering them out - they got very repetitive; but you can counter that with a simple strum pattern.
good song overall, m15 melody and countermelody just seem off to me, i'd work on making them not stick out from each other as much, solo was good, the m after the solo was good i liked that little riff, actually, the main riff sounded yellowcard to me, not sure if thats good or bad, good song though (theres a crit for my song)
the intro was really cool, but i would take out the D6add9 it just kinda didn't go with the flow

but other wise i loved the intro very much sounds like something they'd play in a movie while the characters goin road trippin.

solo was nice and simple, could maybe add a wild and crazy fast part, but not necessary.

liked the breakdown

all in all great job

crit mine?
it sounded a bit cluttered at times, but other than that, was pretty good, the solo fit well, a little repetetive at some points, but really good! crit mine if you get a chance, its an idea type song. . .Moving Song (Power-Tab) thanks!
nice, sounds good, has a nice intro and a good chord progession and the solos were good aswell, good job
I think adding some melodic bass lines would really pull this song together. And maby you could mix up the rhythm a little on the chorus. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything.
That was pretty cool, but there was one part in the verse that didn't really fit, I think it was the last measure. Good solo, good outro also... 8.5/10
wow, what made you bring this up! this is almost 6 months old!
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^ NO IT'S NOT!!! It's only four!

But seriously, I asked someone to crit something I'd done, and they picked this one. That's why it's here but it's four months old.