I've been playing for about nearly 2 years
and i say i have quite a fairknowledge on guitars and effect pedals
but if anybody asked me anything on amps i'd cry....
what's teh difference between tube amps and normal amps
i'm sure there's another type i've heard of as well?
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Solid State - Very reliable, usually has effects onboard, tend to be lighter and don't need any maintenance.

Tube - Louder per watts than SS, tends to sound more natural rather than artificial ( you need to try one to see if you prefer the difference ), tends to handle dynamic playing better than SS.

Hybrid - tends to be solid state with a tube pre-amp that will amplify the sound a bit and give you the ability to get tube overdrive, also enhances the sound to more of a tube like sound.

***Bottom line - try as many amps as you can of different brands/types/states before you start spending big money on it. It isn't a purchase but an investment. Get a good one.

And volume doesn't matter - tone does. You can always mike the amp at a gig of feed it into the PA.
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