Whats the different between a "beginner" guitar and a "advanced" guitar. is it the feel and look our is it a personal thing depending on what you think. or is it something like the pick-ups or volume and tone nobs.
Beginner guitars are designed to be:
-cheap, so the beginner can afford it,
-simple, so he/she can get the hang of what the parts do etc. and
-versatile since you never know which musical direction you will want to expand in.

More advanced guitars use better materials and have a better tone, but may not always be as versatile. A lot of advanced guitars are made specifically for a certain style of music.

I hope that made sense.
Beginner guitars tend to be cheaper and be able to play everything at the same level. Sometimes cheap guitars aren't that good as they keep costs down by using lower quality wood and parts. As a general rule try to play a cheap guitar before buying one.

Advanced guitars tend to be more expensive and usually have good pickups right from the off. Most of the time if anybody wanted to replace a pickup for any reason it would be to be more versatile and be able to handle cleans/heavier sounds better. More expensive guitars seem to be aimed towards being very good at a certain style(s) and are then built toplay that style(s) very well.