Well, I think I'm ready to learn some modes. I know my major/minor/blues pentatonics inside and out, so what mode or modes would be the most important for me to learn? I like to play RATM, Coheed and Cambria, Audioslave, countless others.
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after learning the 3 scales you have, I learnt all the modes - Aoelian, Locrian, Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian. Opened up so much more for me
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Learn all of the major scale modes: Ionian (Major), Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian (Minor), and Locrian. I would suggest learning them all, but you could start with Dorian and Mixolydian...they are arguably the most used.
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ok, did a google on it. its just a major scale starting and ending on different notes? like
cdefgabc would be the C Ionian and defgabcd would be the C Dorian?

but if that is correct, then the C ionian and the dorian contain the exact same notes?
then why when i use this http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_scales.php?scch=C&scchnam=Dorian&get2=Get
there are different notes for C ionian and dorian :S

and if a song has the key of C would i play the C ionian over it, since it starts and ends on the key note of the song, and if a song has the key of D but has the same chords as in a C major scale, i play the Dorian mode over it? :S
^ You're almost there.

C Ionian has the same notes as D Dorian. The name of the mode comes from the first note. C Dorian would have the same notes as Bb Ionian.

And the last part you have there is pretty much right. It would depend on which chords were in the song but you could probably use D Dorian over it. Trial and error is a good way to figure it out.
oooh thanks im gonna really have to get this down so learning the modes will just be other optiones for me to play with different scales over chord progressiones?

taking my example before, if a song is in the key of D i could play the C ionian over it, or the D major scale? maybe depending on what chords was in the progression? no way.. now im confused :S :P

would a B ionian have the same notes as a C dorian? or as a b sharp dorian? :S
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another question. if you know the Ionian major mode for all the different key notes, do you then also know all the different modes, just without realizing it? just that the other modes will have different keys, but you know. if you know C ionian, you really know D dorian too.
so if i just learn the ionian for all the keys, and then learn which ionian scale will be what mode of the other key notes? if you catch my drift? :P
Well, you know how to play them all...

Learning how to bring out the flavour of each mode is the hard part, anyone can play a C major scale and say "This bits phrygian, this bits lydian, blah blah" - but i've rarely met people who can throw down three chords and a melody and have me thinking "Hmmm, PHRYGIAN!".
yeah ok i get it, i just need to actually learn the scales themselves first. any tips on how to bring the flavour of them forth? just experimenting i guess?

so if i have something that has the key of G i can use the G major scale over it the Ionian mode, and i can use whatever of the other G modes too, depending on how i want my solo (if that what im making) to sound?
So using for example the G phrygian, would be like using the D# ionian scale (they have the same notes in them) only that i use G as my key? basicly? if so, then im starting to get this whole idea

Can you really use any major scale and just change around what key note u use, aslong as the chords your playing over fits? you would just be playing a different mode of another scale.. ive done that 100 times before without realizing what i was doing:P
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