Well i finally got around to posting instead of just reading

Well i just bought a fab distortion pedal from ebay and I was wondering if anyone has this pedal and what settings they use with there amp?

I have a roland cube 15 amp btw

Its an ok pedal but its almost as if my amps distortion is better :*( So i was just wondering how i could make it sound better


Do u need a foot switch, but either way a footswitch is much better to have than a DIstortion pedal for the CUBE. As far as im concerned the cube doesnt need any form of distortion pedal in front of it. you should have got the footswitch instead
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oh ok well thanks for the help, il see if i can take it back

EDIT: actually i dont think i will take it back, it was only 15 quid :P
Although it's called a distortion pedal it sounds more like a fuzz. Put the volume at 25%, the tone at 50% and distortion on full then play around with your EQ and guitar tone pots. If you don't like the sound of it then fair enough, but it does take some fiddling with the rest of your gear to get a sound you like out of it.
Well yeah i use it as a fuzz box now and for solo's some times, better than posting it all back.