My new ibanez rg is coming in today...supposed to be yesterday but no one was there to sign ...

its an ugly ugly ugly green so i was gonna paint it black, but after looking through this customization forum i was thinking it would be cool if i put a design on it too...ie: flames, pinstripes; but i dont know what to do so i was hoping for ideas, and since im not good at free handing or anything...maybe a website with templates i could print out or something.

thx in advance
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Any pictures? Online pictures?

its an ibanez rg. and ill put pics up as soon as it comes in and i can find my camera.


heres a pic of a what most rgs look like and its similar to mine

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...like colorwise though. any online pictures of a rg with your color.

it dont matter wht it looks like im making it black im looking for a freaking design to put on it.