I was wondering if the Schecter C-1 Classic is a good all around guitar, by that I mean I play music like Metallica and AC/DC but then I play stuff like Hendrix, Clapton and I make up some of my own blues riffs. Now I realize that this guitar could probably handle Metallica and things kinda hard like that, but could the clean channel on it be good for jazz, The Eagles, and some other softer stuff? Im up in arms about this and the Fender Deluxe Players strat, but I realized that I play more heavy stuff, which is probably why I'll need the humbuckers more than single coils. Any Help?

Gracias in Advance

P.S. Sorry if there have already been a million threads on these, I looked at the other ones and they didn't answer the specific question that I had.
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ya man i have a c-1 elite and my bro has a classic and i really like both of them. the classic may be more for harder rock and your metallica but they both have a great clean sound for anything. i think the elite mgiht be more of an all aorund guitar and its a little cheaper(looks better too) i d go with the elite
well most importantly what amp are you playing through? I used to play the schecter through a fender hotrod deluxe and it could play that nice blues and rock tone I wanted but if I had played it through say a big marshall stack the blues feeling def. would be lost.
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I'm playing through a Fender 100w fm212. Its a pretty good solid state amp, I can get a bunch of different tones from it. Thanks for the input!
Fender American Deluxe V-Neck Strat
Laguna LG300CE Acoustic Electric
yea i have the c-1 classic and the clean sounds you can get out of it are really smooth and warm, but you can also go to some heavy distorted sounds. i think you'd be very happy with it. Not too mention the knockout looks it has.
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I say Elite b/c it has a mahogany neck vs. maple/walnut on teh Classic. THe Elite has the Duncan Designed HB102 Korean set which have the same size/type magnets and wire gauge as the USA Duncan JB / Jazz set in the Classic, materials same but labor is cheaper. My USA Hamer originally came with the HB 102 set but I was given a JB /Jazz set free from a friend so I said wtf and put em in. There is absolutely no difference in tone to my ear, they wieghed the same and looked like the same amount of windings.

so Elite unless you gotta have the vine of life inlays on the neck.
Id actually get the C1 Plus for its mahogany neck and shorter 24.75" scale neck, its got teh same HB 102 (JB/Jazz) sounding pups and is a bit less than the Elite also.


The last thing you buy for is the pups anyway as they are easily interchangeable, try to make the Elite bend like a 24.75" scale though. Neck feel, woods, shape and finish are the main factors to shop for. imo
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