Musician Talk probably gets a lot of this, but I'm new so I'll go ahead and ask.

I'm kind of in a rut when it comes to writing my own songs. Don't get me wrong, I make up a lot of riffs and rhythms and chord progressions, etc. - I've got an archive of Powertab and Guitar Pro files full of my ideas but I can never seem to make it into a song.

My main problem I think is my lyric writing abilities - they're not very good. I can't seem to make a song with decent lyrics. I feel this is holding me back when it comes to writing a full song.

Blah.. any ideas?

Also, I'm in a band, is it best to write material for the band to play or write stuff just for me and forget about what the limitations of the band, etc.?

Sorry if this is a boring read, I'm kinda babbling now. Reply if you want
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maybe your trying too hard. whenever i think properly about the lyrics i right i can't do it!!
definately write about personal experience-thats my advice. or even better just the way that you feel. sometimes its hard to show other people your songs because its quite deep feeling being expressed but thats the key-ull get through that and write some good lyrics. just dont be scared about limitations to what you write because there are no limits.

everyone has something, or someone that really gets to them, maybe a way of life or your life (just dont be stereotypical about that!) so dont spend all of your time thinking about inventing experiences-pour your heart out into these songs man and dont think about the way other people think about them.

i hope that made sense to you or helped you in any way. im sure youre capable of writing some pretty cool stuff!
the best method to get better is to write something with another songswriter. You learn how he make things go and he learns from you.
Maybe someone of your band has a idee how the lyrics could go.
Thanks very much guys, lot's ideas to process.
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if you think you cant write lyrics, just write some stuff then put it away for a while. then look at it a few days later with a fresh mind and re-work it if you feel it is any good, and trash it if not. if you keep doing this and re-woking the parts you dont like, and keeping parts you do, eventually you will end up with something good. revision is key in writing, its hard to write something good the first try.

another thing to try is to write with another band member. the two of you can bounce ideas off one another and one can play while the other tries out the words. sometimes the two minds work better than one to come up with ideas. also, one person may be able to find that key word that the other cant.

if you want to write for the band, do that. if you want to write only for yourself, that is good too. i feel that if you are writing for the whole band that each person should have at least some input, on their part if nothing else. so if you write the guitar part and have a general idea for bass and drums, let the bassist and drummer finish off their parts so they have input.
This probably belongs in the Songwriting forum, but, whatever...

I like to take a short phrase like (just an example, don't kaugh at me) "Two blue eyes." And just play with the rhythm of the words, screw around on the guitar. then, once I've got a rhythm, I start riffing, lyrically, over that.

Just one weird approach.
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Well, if you can't write decent lyrics, get someone else to write them.

Combine the ideas you've got into one song. Take the best parts from the licks you've written and throw them into one song.
I think generally it's easier to not try to think of lyrics, just hum the vocal tune as you play the riff, and with me a word just tends to fit in and stick, and it just all gets fleshed out from there. The again, I'm quite a strange musician. I cannot write with a band, so I've started a duo where there'll just be me and a vocalist - a cool acoustic rock thing. If he wants to do the vocals, that fine - I haven't found the vocalist yet, but I haven't been looking long