After going back and forth from fender to gibson trying to decide on which guitar to buy, I've ended up rounding it down to two guitars, one of which I'll be buying at the end of the week. It'll be either this:


Or this:


Both of which are roughly the same price (the cole clark is about $150AUD more)

I've played both, and am impressed by the cole clark because it has 24 frets, is hand made in australia, and has push/pull tone dials that can cut each humbucker down to a single coil. Whereas the gibson has more history, is better known and recognizable and would hold its value better, but it seems to be a very cut down version of an LP standard. Any opinions on which is the better buy? I mean, I was looking at gibsons because eric clapton and jimmy page used them, but they wouldn't have been using a ****ty cut down junior, whereas the cole clark isn't as well known but it is the real thing, and josh homme owns a few (which seems to be a good endorsement to me, QOTSA is one of the few modern bands I respect), plus it is made in my own country, and I have never heard a bad word about cole clark as a brand.
Is the push/pull thing common though? I had never heard of it, and didn't know the mistress could do that until a guitar shop guy showed me.
push/pull is usually used to coil split the bridge humbucker. its just used to make the humbucker sound like a single coil
Yeah I know, I screwed around trying different combinations, just wondering if many guitars come with that feature stock
So would these hand made cole clarks be of better quality than the stuff the gibson factory is turning out?
^Agreed, but "handmade" is a term that gets thrown around an awful lot with guitars that are CNC cut and hand assembled.
^That's true, but we are talking about a Gibson "Special", which we all know means "Special Ed"...