Hey guys.

Yesterday I was at a friends house hanging out and I came upon a Tiny acoustic guitar that couldnt have been mucho more than two feet overall. I tuned it up and started playing. Funny thing was, it was great to play! Although it was a cheapy beginner miniature guitar, I was wondering if you guys know of any other miniature guitars that aren't too expensive. Just something I could travel with and play whenever that has decent sound.

Hey Berto.
Actually, I as well am looking for a small guitar for travelling, campfires, etc. They're fun to play aren't they? I'm not sure if I'd go quite as short as under two feet, but around that size would be a blast to play on, pass around campfires, or whatever. I'm not sure about what brands to get, but for the purpose of finding a nice sounding one for a cheap price, I'd suggest pawn shops. I troll the pawnshops in my area off and on, checkin out any new guitars.

Maybe i'll get lucky and find a sweet little acoustic.

Good luck with your search.

My friend has a Mini Martin, and it's pretty decent sounding for the size. It's not that bad of a guitar.

I think it's overpriced, though. Just because it's Martin.
my uncle has one of those martin backpackers. last time i looked it was around $150. its really quiet though but still good for travelling and campfires. takes up pretty much no space.
I had a Baby Taylor. Maybe not as cheap as you'd like, but very nice to play and a cool sound.