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ive just been watchin the 2002 VMA awards where Guns N Roses appear on Google. Anyway to get straight to the point i was actually disgusted, their performance was terrible, Axl's voice is so weak it is unbelievable, the guitarists look like total retards with the masks and such....the only good thing i can say about that performance is their drummer i was really impressed he has got serious skill. but that is about it. a while back i was contemplating going to see them live when Chinese Democracy finally was released but that video has turned me so sorely against this new line-up. why couldn't have axl started a new band and left GNR in the past where they belong (well if the original line-up hadn't broken up that is). Velvet Revolver on the other hand are fantastic i saw them on the Live8 dvd and if i remember correctly they played T in the Park or something like that and again they were mind blowing. Their live pedigree is streets ahead of GNR, when VR bring out their new album whenever it is due i will definately be going to see them! Here is something for you guys to think about, are GNR bad live now because they no longer have the original line-up hence why VR are so good live or is it that as time has gone on they have just become beaten down and lost that little spark to make audiences go nuts?

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Guns N Roses without Slash or Duff isn't Guns N Roses at all, I would never go to see the new G N R, their almost like a cover band.
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I am a die hard GNR fan and had to agree with you there, but hopefully they've rehearsed quite a bit or axl hocked that flem out of his throat.
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