Hey, you probably already got the e-mail but there is a free 3.0 softwear upgrade for the podxtlive. You get like six amp models, some new types of wha-wha, and a few new stomp boxes. The reason for my post is that there is a cool new stomp that is called the bender. This is for all those dearly missing the whammy effect on the pod. All you do is take the bender stomp box, and then turn on the tweak pedal to controll the pitch shifting. It gives an effect verry similar to the whammy. It might be close enough to save the $200 you would have spent on the reall thing, it might not. I will tell you now its not as good as the real thing, but I think I'll postposn my purchase. I figured I would throw all this out it out there. Have fun!
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