Right, so recently I got a Vox AD30VT amplifier. 'Tis a rather good amp, but whenever I pick very soft, or do a pinch harmonic, or play slide, the speaker just farts out (I did a thread in electric guitar about this, just search "fuzzy noise from amp" to see it). So, I want to see if any other AD30 owners have this problem. If they don't, then I get a new speaker on warranty, and if they do, then... Darn.
I've got an AD30 but have never experienced that problem. THe only thing I can think of is that it could be your cable, connection, speaker, or settings. I know some of the settings on the amp aren't designed to be played quietly.
P.S. what settings do you use for slide?
I have an AD30VT also, what speaker would you recommend? Is it easy to change?
Celestion 70/80 if you can get one (I'm not sure if they're commercially available)

That's the speaker used on the high-end VTs, that and the NeoDog.