I'm not very technichal when it comes to wood. I'm planning on sticking my old gear that i dont really use on ebay.
Yamaha ERG121.
I was reading the specs on this and the body is made from Agathis and finger board Sonokeling. Okay...
Are these just really cheap woods yamaha probably stole off an old bridge in the park? Info please.
Agathis is (supposed to be) a relative of mahogany. I'm the only person here who has an agathis guitar and doesn't complain. Never heard of sonokeling...are you sure that's its english name?
Agathis=One step up from plywood. Most guitars under $150 are made of it.

As for the other wood, I have no idea...I've honestly never heard of it.

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I think sonokeling is an Asian species of rosewood. Can't say whether it's good or bad though.
Fingerboard doesn't look/smell too nice. It's pretty smooth to play on though..

Also this thing has quite a few dings and scratches (Only to the finish,). If I sold with the bag, tuition book, gave it a good set up, new strings etc. etc. how much do you think I could get?
You can buy them on there own for around £100 (Without case and stuff).
Agathis is kinda of like a piece of plastic
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Sonokeling is another name for Indian Rosewood.
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yes....yes they are
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Agathis is a lousy wood. But you don't have to say what wood it's made of. You just cant tell other wise. You'd probably get roughly 80 american dollars. I don't know what that is in euros. All depends how many noobs are buying that night.
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rnt alot of bc rich guitars made out of agathis??

exactly I found nothing really objectionalble to an agathis LTD M200FM I had for a while, it wasnt as dark sounding as mahogany but no where near as bright or twangy as alder, so it falls into the no mans land of wood. Its very abundant and cheap in Asia. Pinch harmonics came out ok but not sure if its b/c of the wood or EMG HZs, just not quite my taste. Basswood is close tonewise but agathis is heavier