So people, what website do you use to buy your clothes if you do? I'm looking for a few good websites because I live in a redneck populated place so there is hardly anything that I like around here. The best I've came up with is places like www.interpunk.com, but I'd like something without all band clothes too.
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on topic: I would think buying clothes online would be bad cuz u cant try em on before. The only thing I have ever bought online is Finfal fantasy 10...bleh
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i get shirts from www.jsrdirect.com every once in a while
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Online i buy from LiquidBlue, Old Glory, Retrofactory, and Rockabilia. Rockabilia has the best shirts. Never got anything from there i didnt like.
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Overpriced, plus the guy doesn't want band clothing.

straight up
twenty bucks a shirt, that's gay. i bought four and got all of them eventually, but i waited over six months for the smashing pumpkins shirt, and then they send me a letter saying that they don't make that shirt anymore. so now i'm in the process of trying to decide on a different one; iron maiden i think.