Im worn out of being afraid,
my hopes are all splattered and dismaid,
i need you here right now,
but your so far away,

as you drift into the shadows,
of your hopless convinience,
waiting for your battles to be won,
the sun beats on you and you run away,
your only running away from the sun,

run, away away you coward,

the problem with you is you don't understand,
the reason why is your not that bright,
were is the smighter that will take you away,
cause i cant stand you here,

it's such a nice day to avoid you,
which is imposible because i am you,
our skulls have cracked once too many times,
i think your brain leaked into mine

please rate this 1 being terrible to 5 being awesome
i could revise it
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I like the title A song about toast .......
Quote by RockerPseudonym

Under Influence: A weird look
Minor Posession(A gram or two): Confiscation
Possession w/ intent to distribute(Lots, all bagged out): Jail.
The look on your face when the dealer tells you it's laced with crack: Priceless
i did actually make a song bout toast in spp but it wasnt good enough i thought