Hey. I think there is something wrong with my guitar (the greg bennett). When I play around the twelfth fret and higher, the guitar loses a lot of sound and it sounds as if I was playing with extremely loose strings. I know that is kinda hard to understand but its hard to explain. I started having the problem when I put some Texas Specials in the guitar. I don't think they are supposed to sound like this. I attached a little sound sample to see if you can hear it. Please help!

Link for the recording is in my sig (it will be called "Problem with guitar")

EDIT: On the recording I play the fifteenth fret, then third fret (which sounds a lot better) then to the 17th fret where it sounds worse
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the metal riff is pretty awesome
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Thats....I don't know. The 15th didn't sound too bad, but I see what you mean. it sounds like maybe the neck could be warped, and could cause the strings to mute....you know?
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^ If it is warped, is there any way I can fix it without having to buy a new neck
You could try taking the neck off, setting up some clamps fastened to a 2 X 4 or something to bend it back, but Im not sure if thats good.
College. ... ? . !!
There's no need to talk when we have medicine.