Today i bought a Boss DS-1, which i thought would be perfect. it turns out that iv mistaken distortion for overdrive. i would be willing to swap my brand new DS-1 for a Boss OD-3. i thought this could be handy for anyone else hu made the same mistake. i have only used my pedal once, it's in perfect condition as you would expect, and i would ideally like to swap for a pedal in equally good condition.
This belongs in classifieds. Reported.
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why dont you just return it?
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DS-1 and OD-3 sound almost identical... and DS-1 has a perfect Blink 182 tone. Im assuming you play Blink 182 as ur avatar and sig give that away...
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Well, iv fiddled and twisted every dial, and i cnt seem to get the sound i want. I was looking to get the same sound as my marshall amp, which ironically has an 'OD' toggle switch, which i should have thought about. thats y i want an OD-3.