the 200watt of course. As its twice the power.

The wattage of the speakers only denotes how much power they can handle before they burn up (of course this is not taking into account speakers with different efficiency ratings)
^ right.

and note that 'Twice as Powerful' does NOT mean 'Twice as Loud.'

its twice as strong electrically, not in terms of volume.
GND/LFT = Ground/Lift. It's usually there to help stop line hum when you use an XLR and 1/4" output at the same time.
actually it depends on how much air is being pushed.....just assuming all the speakers are 12 inch then the 100 watt 4 speaker would be louder because 4 12's is more air pushed than 2 12's......this all evens out at a certain wattage though
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