I want to get a very basic computer recording setup and i need your help. I already have Cubase LE but my pc mic is just not sufficing. Im guessing im gonna need a mic/guitar interface and a microphone. these are the ones i have found:-

M-audio fast track usb

Behringer C-1 Microphone

are these units any good? if not what else can i get thats around the $200 sought of mark.
also i was told something about needing phantom power to power mics, i am unsure about this and an explaination would be helpful.

what exactly are you trying to record? if you are just recording guitar, i dont recomend that mic. i would recomend a dynamic mic instead, the Shure SM57 is an industry standard and is reasonably priced.

that interface is good, in fact i own it. the only problem is that it can only record one thing at a time, and only in mono. if you want to record in stereo, or record vocals at the same time as guitar, you will probably need something else.

it really depends on what you want to record as to what you need, so answer that and ill try to help you more.
yeh i want to record guitar. only really guitar and maybe the odd vocal but only occasionally. I am considering that mic because my guitar teacher told me that a condenser mic would be better for recording at low volumes and i will be recording at low volume so i figured a condenser mic would be the way to go, and the shure sm57 is the sought of mic thats used on stage to mic amps that are going at full volume.
are you sure? because i dont want to get it and then its **** and i have wasted loads of money.
A Shure sm57 is never a waste of money. By "low" I think you guitar teacher meant acoustic type. Rock guitar would be i guess considered "high" volumes, according to your teacher. Condenser mics are for vocals and acoustics. Plus for the condesner u'd need phantom power, which unfortunately I don't believe it is built into the fast track, which means u'll need to spend more money. So go with the dynamic, they use shure sm57's in pro studios, built like a tank, great sound, can't go wrong. Good Luck,

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ok thanks, ill get the shure then. also is the m-audio completely compatible with PCs?
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^ should be. it worked fine with both PCs ive used it with. just plug it in and it should be auto detected if you have windows XP, otherwise you might have to do some stuff manually. it should be quite easy to hook up and use though.
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Oh and that M-Audio fast track is useless with the SM57 as the SM57 is XLR. So just grab a soundcard or something.
That made no sense. The Fast Track has an XLR input, and soundcards convert your computer's digital signals into analog signals for speakers.
yeh thats pretty amazing quality. what software were you using? and what interface/soundcard?