If you came here to tell me it's crap. Go away.
I only just noticed this. The angled cab doesn't actually appear to make any sound. If I just plug it in on it's own... nothing, but the other cab does. I mean, it's only a showy-off kind of amp, so i suppose this could just be for decoration, or on the other hand my MG could just lving up to its rep.
Can anyone verify this?
It's probably, like you said, MG living up to its bad reputation.
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I just took the back wood thing off the cab, the spade connector fell off. Jebus.

Reconnected and it works fine now.
Huzzah. Full ebay resale.
Quote by electrik
Living up to its rep.

to be fair the amp cost like $80...at least on ebay. its not like he payed a ton for it...but yeah mg's aren't great amps.
I know they aren't. I'm selling it to put money towards a vox ad50vt.
But it's been a nice little amp. Par the distortion.
^If you like it, who cares what the reputation is?

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I just wanted to know if the amp was supposed to be like that. I don't care for the rep. My jag has probably got the worst rep of all the fenders. And I still <3 it.
Just pointing out that MG's are knowing for sucking. And that may be associated with it going crap.

I don't particularly like it, the OD makes me cry.