Hi there everyone!
Today I got a Takamine EF407. One beauitful instrument. It has a pickup and it's wired, but it has no preamp, only the "Takamine SoundChoice" panel.
I want to add the preamp, but I don't know what to choose. The CTP-1 [cool tube] is a bit expensive for me atm... Now the local shop has these preamps: Accuracoustic, Graph-Ex, CT-4B and CTP-1 [which I can't afford atm].
Which one is better? I want a 3 band EQ, so I think the Accuracoustic is out of the option. so, which one is better? Graph-Ex or CT-4B? Is the CT-4B a Graph-Ex with tuner? Is the CTP-1 worth the money? My dad said that the tube should drain the battery in one hour or so...
Thanks in advance.
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My Tak has a TK-40 Preamp which is more than capable. It has these features; Volume control, bass, middle and treble frequency slider controls, EQ bypass, a Notch Filter and a Mid Contour Switch. It has the in built tuner also.

Dunno how much they cost seperately so can't help you too much there and I haven't tried the tube yet.
Yeah it works well.

I originally plugged into the clean setting on my Roland Cube, but the treble was so....... well zingy if you like. Just not the sound of the guitar. I expect most amps made for electric guitar will be the same.

But when I plugged into my mates PA it was great. Easy to configure to get just the right balance etc, didn't have to fight with it, if you know what I mean.

Just need to save up for a good acoustic amp now.

I'm very happy with it. Maybe if you popped into your local music shop/store they might have a Tak with the TK-40 Preamp that you can try. It's always worth trying out for yourself.

Hope it helps, enjoy the guitar
my tak has one and i love the sound of it. well worth the money (tk-40). everything you could ask for, imo, but that could just be because i havent truely wised up to the subtle differences of an accoustic preamp yet
Too bad I can't buy one seperatly... I have 4 choices: CTP-1, CT-4B, AccuraCoustic, Graph-Ex
I think I'm going to buy the AccuraCoustic
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i've got two tak's (one 12 string and one 6 string) with the tk40 and i am really pleased with their sound; however, i don't think you can buy this preamp individually. i think it is strictly original equipment. you might could find a broken tak for really cheap and pull the preamp out of it though.... i'd say it would be pretty unlikely though.

EDIT: oops i didn't see the threadstarters last post. and i'm not very familiar with the options you listed. sorry man!!
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Yeah I think the TK40 are for the G series... Here in Israel it's very hard to fnd broken guitars, especially Takamines.
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